Believe it or not, the genesis of Tao of Shop started more than 10 years ago - before the birth of the term "Social Media" and Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress, YouTube, etc. In 2002, I created MoBlog, probably the world's 1st mobile blogging platform during my stint at SingTel.

As I continued to pioneer social / digital networks, communities and communications platforms at Samsung and Nokia later on, there were few back then who understood how user content , communities and technology came together.

Thus in 2009 when social media marketing hit a tipping point, I started Pepperconn. Over the next 4 years, our clients listed below gained from our expertise and innovation.

Regardless, and till today, it is clear that brands were struggling with the following key challenges in the social and digital communications / marketing.

The biggest hurdles were faced by brands who had a retail presence or physical locations - eg. shop owners, malls, F&B operators, etc. Simply because digital channels and physical channels were operating in silos - both within business organizations and consumer data / interfaces.

Tao of Shop was a productization of a solution that addresses these challenges. Conceived to give brands that elusive single platform that engages, sells, rewards and services their customers in-store , anywhere they are and on any device.

Tao of Shop isn't simply a mash up of different modules or tools, rather, the sum of its parts will evolve how businesses market and communicate to the end consumer. Social retail is the conversation between a brand and the consumer and technology is always a means to that end.


Adrian's career spans 18 years in both traditional and new media management, in leadership roles at MediaCorp, SingTel, Samsung Asia and Nokia. Prior to the founding of pepperconn Pte.Ltd., Adrian was the Head of Regional Content Aggregation (Asia Pacific) at Nokia.

During his tenure at SingTel and Samsung Asia, Adrian pioneered mobile blogging and web 2.0 platforms even before the birth of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube . In 2003, at SingTel, he launched -one of the world's first mobile blogging platform.

Adrian is a black belt in Jujitsu, Judo and working towards one in Kendo.


Jeffrey's expertise and passion is in the area of systems architecture, emerging technologies, and software engineering. He started his career with Singapore Technology Electronics (STE).

As a systems consultant, he has led teams of engineers to deliver enterprise solutions to a range of clients in both the defence and commercial sector.

With more than 6 years in the Internet Mobile industry, he has a proven track record in development and deployment of applications and has helped businesses enhance productivity and effectiveness through technology, including creating one of the first running apps for iPhone which was later adopted by Kappa Sportswear for its campaigns.